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Compiere: Driven Solely by What our Customers Need 

Our approach to your long-term success can be summed up in a few words:  focus, collaboration, commitment, and continuity.


By focusing your business on distribution or production of a specific set of products or delivery of a defined service offering, you haven’t tried to be all things to all people. Neither has Compiere. The Compiere ERP solution has been developed to help organizations like yours deal with the operational and executive issues you face every day, including minimizing technology costs and adapting your business model and software infrastructure to address changing requirements.


To give you the functionality you need to succeed, we’ve adopted a collaborative process guided by a simple principle:  You’re best served when you tell us what you need and we deliver, rather than us telling you what we have or what we can develop.

To put this principle into action, the Compiere product development process and the Consona acquisition strategy are 100% driven by customers. We create multiple opportunities for customers to tell us what they need from their ERP solution and to share their perspective on the challenges facing organizations in their industry or focus area. As part of this collaborative approach, we offer:
  • Access to a special support site where customers can directly request enhancements to Compiere products
  • Direct participation in the product development process, from defining requirements to reviewing product designs
  • User group meetings with Compiere product experts
  • Beta testing opportunities


At Consona, we understand that listening to customers is essential, but not enough. To be a true partner with our customers, we have to follow through on what you tell us. We’re committed to helping you meet the challenges you face today and will likely face in the future. Our best-practices product definition and development are complemented by the Consona commitment to only acquire companies that strengthen what we can do on behalf of customers in our targeted industries.


Compiere experts have been serving the enterprise software needs of companies in a wide range of industries and focus areas for more than 10 years. Backed by the vision and financial stability of the Consona Corporation, the Compiere solution is positioned to extend this record of customer-driven innovation, product excellence, and quality service and support well into the future. 

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Warehouse Logistics Management
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