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Compiere Services: Essential to our Commitment to Long-Term Success of Every Customer   

At Consona, we view delivering professional services and support as an essential part of our commitment to the long-term success of our customers. Every Compiere customer is using the Compiere solution to solve complex and continually-changing business problems. The starting point in meeting these challenges is, of course, advanced software. To complement and enhance these software capabilities, Compiere solution experts are available to help you get up and running quickly so you reduce the time it takes to begin getting real business value from your investment. Our experts also can keep your Compiere solution running efficiently and cost effectively throughout its lifecycle.

Compiere product and business process experts deliver a wide range of services, including consulting, education, product support, maintenance, custom development, and Cloud services.

Comprehensive consulting services delivered by experts. 

Consona offers a full range of business and technical consulting services delivered by Compiere industry and product specialists. We meet your need for flexibility by delivering consulting services over multiple channels, including direct-on-site support, and web-based services. Compiere consulting services include:


Consona’s Compiere experts use a proven implementation methodology to control costs, minimize disruption, and streamline the process, so your go-live is successful and occurs in as little time as possible. Our consultants can assume complete control of your implementation or guide your internal team through the structured Compiere implementation process. After the go-live, Consona Compiere consultants can help you optimize system performance in all key areas, including production, distribution, finance, and customer relationship management.

Technical Consulting

Consona technical consultants are experts in helping customers keep their Compiere ERP solution operating without disruption so your internal information technology (IT) staffs can focus more time on value-added tasks that contribute to your business.

Flexible education to keep employees productive.

Compiere courses are designed to help users quickly understand how best to take advantage of new capabilities and to maximize their productivity over time. Course offerings focus on start-up requirements and ways to keep the solution running optimally year-after-year. To meet the needs and preferences of individual employees and your overall business requirements, Compiere courses are delivered online with instructor-led virtual courses, using self-paced computer or recorded curricula.

Award-winning, around-the-clock product support.

The Compiere Support site features 24x7 self-service access to information about Compiere products and a wide range of services. In some instances, Compiere users can get what they need by downloading a set of installation instructions, a service pack, technical update and/or a user manual. In other situations, additional support is required. To meet these requirements, Compiere offers fee-based Extended Support subscriptions designed to help you maximize the value of your Compiere solution. Customers with a Compiere Support Subscription have access to trained personnel for resolving support requests.

Extending the value of your Compiere solution.

Consona’s maintenance offering for Compiere ERP software has been designed to help companies get easy access to continuous product development, information, and support from experts with in-depth knowledge of the solution. Each Compiere maintenance agreement provides access to new Compiere ERP and CRM capabilities, including change requests, service packs, feature enhancements, and new products. Consona maintenance experts also provide Compiere customers with support for new industry-wide distribution, production, and business process techniques and technologies.

Product customization to meet unique requirements.

Consona custom development services leverage the flexible architecture of the Compiere ERP solution and make it possible for customers to request software modifications, custom-written reports, or data-integration services to enhance how their solution addresses unique business challenges. Compiere’s Migration Management solution enables you to migrate to a newer version of the Compiere platform, while preserving all customizations, extensions and transaction data in the version you are using. Consona implementation consultants also can provide help in identifying innovative ways to use the Compiere solution. All Consona custom development projects are conducted using tested philosophies and methodologies.

Low-cost alternative when it makes sense for your company.

Consona offers Cloud services for Compiere solutions that provide customers with a quick, low-risk way to take advantage of advanced software solution capabilities. By using the Cloud option, you can leverage state-of-the-art functionality without an upfront investment of time and money in computer servers and software. With Compiere on the Cloud, you use a secure instance of the Compiere dedicated for your use. Unlike a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment where you share a hosted instance of a solution and database with other customers, Compiere on the Cloud offers you greater flexibility to customize and upgrade the solution in a way that meets your specific requirements. Consona is committed to leveraging emerging trends in Cloud computing to respond to distinct customer requirements.