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Compiere: Functionality That Performs  

The Compiere ERP solution delivers a broad and rich set of integrated business functionality. Compiere’s ERP capabilities include global financial management, purchasing, materials management, order management, manufacturing and warehouse management. CRM capabilities include functionality for using customer information to automate sales and service processes. Compiere also offers customers a web-store and point-of-sale interface. To help customers improve decision-making capabilities, Compiere provides capabilities for creating financial and managerial reports.

Here are some of the top reasons leading companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations have chosen Compiere ERP software and have been glad they did:

Implement quickly with no up-front investment.

Compiere enables customers to replace traditional up-front software licensing fees and high ongoing maintenance costs with a low user-based subscription fee. The company offers a defined process and support to help customers evaluate and select the right solution. Because the solution is easy to adapt and upgrade, users can quickly move into production, knowing that they can make changes at any time with minimal effort and consequences to their business. 

Easily extend capabilities to address new requirements. 

Compiere’s innovative design reduces the cost and effort associated with upgrading business applications. A key element of this innovative approach is the Compiere Model Driven Architecture, which speeds and simplifies application development and customization. Business specific customizations are separated from the base Compiere functionality so these core capabilities can be upgraded while you preserve your customizations.

Easily scale the solution on demand.

When the Compiere solution is deployed on the Amazon EC2 Cloud, customers gain access to an “elastic” computing infrastructure. With Compiere running on the Cloud, enterprises of all sizes can leverage Amazon’s on-demand computing services.

Retain freedom and control. 

Compiere’s open architecture and adherence to open standards allows you to choose from a variety of supported computer hardware, operating systems, databases and web browsers. You can easily extend the system to meet your unique needs at any time. You can license Compiere under either an open source license or a standard commercial license.

Access an extensive network of service and support.

The Compiere Partner Network offers customers access to a global network of service and support specialists in more than 25 countries. These specialists, trained and certified by Compiere, deliver extensive customer-focused services, such as implementation support, training, product extensions, localizations, vertical module development, first-line support, and complementary software. Compiere offers commercial backing, support and services to its global partners.

Easily move into new geographies.

Compiere’s functionality and support network make it easy for companies to expand their operations in new countries. The solution provides robust capabilities for multiple currencies, accounting rules, tax codes, organizational structures, and languages.

Automated Production Lines
Automated Production Lines

Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management