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Compiere Technology: Our Innovation Enables Your Ability to Adapt and Compete

The underlying technology of the Compiere solution represents a breakthrough advance in the way ERP solutions are designed, delivered, and used by businesses and other organizations. Instead of creating a large, complicated ERP solution that uses millions of lines of code, the team designing Compiere ERP adopted a much simpler, user- friendly approach.

Our technology approach.

Compiere ERP was built using open source technology, a standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and an innovative Model-Driven Architecture. Unlike typical ERP solutions where application logic, business rules, and company-specific customizations reside in a single, large code base, Compiere ERP keeps them separate. The Compiere Model-Driven Architecture is comprised of an Application Dictionary, the repository of business logic meta data; a Transaction Database, the repository of transaction data; and a Transaction Engine that manages the interplay between the business logic and transaction information.

Ways you benefit.

Because business logic isn’t hard-coded into the core software program, Compiere ERP offers customers a solution that is easier to customize and easier to adapt as your requirements evolve.

Unprecedented Adaptability

With Compiere ERP, any element of the system can be changed at any time without consequences in other parts of the application or to application data. Customizing the application only requires you to change the business logic in the Compiere Applications Dictionary, a task that typically requires no programming. Once saved, the changes are available immediately. Business-specific changes you create remain in place even after you upgrade to a new version of the core Compiere ERP solution.

Fast Deployment

Because Compiere ERP can be deployed on the Cloud, implementation is quick and low-risk.

Low Cost of Ownership

The Compiere web architecture and Cloud computing deployment model generates significant cost savings by eliminating the installation, configuration, and management of desk top client software. The ease with which you can customize and adapt the solution also drives down the cost of ownership.

Warehouse Automation
Warehouse Automation

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Visual Editor
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